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Lady Liberty Bandana


What is happening at a national level to restrict the free movement of people, especially refugees, does not represent American values.  Many of our families came here as refugees and immigrants.  We made this bandana in solidarity with people seeking a better life in the United States today.

Over two dozen bay area women paid tribute to our family histories of migration in this bandana.  We drew depictions of journey, of homelands, of the strange nature of time, of ports of entry.  We paid honor to the airport protests and drew pictures of the boats our ancestors came on.  We wrote their names.  We also printed how to get in touch with our elected officials in case we need to call them in a pinch.  We drew Ruth Bader Ginsberg's dissent collar

Proceeds from this bandana will support a West Coast immigrant support organization.  Watch this space for details.

Get involved.

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